Drinks On Monday with The Strike Team

Ashley, Dan, Mike, and Pat dive into Lit's 1999 release A PLACE IN THE SUN and Mike recounts his trip to Exxotica. Along the way, they get distracted by Bourbon Street, Rumchata, and gyros.

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It's Rex Manning day so Ashley, Mike, and Pat intend to talk about EMPIRE RECORDS but are quickly sidetracked by stories from Chicago Ridge Mall and pine on the lack of good dance clubs.

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This week, Ashley, Dan, Mike, and Pat dive into Beyonce's COWBOY CARTER while sucking on the new Gin & Juice canned cocktails from Dr. Dre and Snoop. They also take a look at the ROAD HOUSE remake, as well as ROAD HOUSE 2: LAST CALL. Along the way they get distracted by their wild weekend and wrestling.

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This week, Ashley, Dan, Kristin, and Mike have every intention of talking about the possibility of Aaron Taylor Johnson as the new James Bond but get distracted by broccoli, the many service industries, and pharmaceuticals.

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Ashley, Dan, and Mike are joined by KV as the foursome look back at Hanson's 2000 release. They also dive into BEETLEJUICE, BEETLEJUICE, AI artwork, and take the Light Beer challenge. It's another supersized episode you don't want to miss.

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The gang drinks what's left in the fridge and discusses fast food...again. 

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We're back with the Heinekin Silver as we discuss the Oscars, Katie Britt, Olivia Rodrigo's 2023 album GUTS, the 2023 teen comedy Bottoms, and suck down some adult snack packs.

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This week the gang ranks SUPERFAST by Dynamite Hack from front to back, drinks Heineken Silver and Johnny Bootlegger, and plays Americas favorite new game show, Drinks on Monday Goes To The Drive Thru. 

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Ashley, Mike, and Dan discuss their recent trips to NOLA and MKE and rank the Super Bowl Halftime Shows of the past ten years while drinking Spotted Cow.

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Mike, Pat, and Kristin kill time while they wait for Dan to show up...

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This week, Dan, Mike, and Pat are joined by Kristin Vanderbilt (no relation) and rank Better Than Ezra's DELUXE from front to back and play America's least favorite game show, YOU DON'T KNOW LYNCH.

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After a six-year hiatus, The Strike Team is back! Season Five: The Return kicks off with Dan, Pat, Ashley, and Mike dishing on their worst hangovers, the Stanley Mug and countless fads, and of course 2023's biggest movie, BARBIE.  Along the way we get sidetracked by that "go ahead now" song, an Australian kids show, and manicures. We're drinking some "Seagram's golden wine coolers" and some Keystones. It's three hours of nonsense you won't want to miss!

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