Drinks On Monday with The Strike Team (pop culture)

The Strike Team discuss the films CONTRACTED, THE EXORCISM OF MOLLY HARTLEY, and WE ARE STILL HERE. In the music section, Cheap Trick's ALL SHOOK UP and Lady Gaga's JOANNE are in the queue.




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On this week's episode The Strike Team suck down those little bottles of liquor that you get when you fly Southwest and discuss New Orleans, online dating, and dick pics...business as usual for Drinks On Monday.

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The Strike Team have a new mixing board! Hoping to make the show a little more professional, the boys make use of the board but really only play with the mute button. Anything offensive they say, it was the Sailor Jerry talking. There is a brief attempt to talk about going back to school...


Featuring the music of Dave Edmunds, Jude Cole, The MC5, and The Nice Boys.

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The Strike Team toss back Irish Car Bombs and dole out Netflix reccomendations. Later in the show, the boys let you know how to get deleted off of social media.

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The boys are back in town! On the second season premiere The Strike Team discuss fitness, New Years Resolutions, gin stories, the future of the podcast and sex swings.

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Jon McLaughlin sits in with the boys as they discuss modern vampires and Chicago sports.

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The boys indulge in flavors of the south while dissecting Granniepants and dating in the age of the internet...

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Drinks on Monday-Captain Morgan, Fall Television, South Side Eats
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