Drinks On Monday with The Strike Team

Pat's back in the basement and he, Mike and Dan are sucking down some fine reds from Cooper's Hawk. The boys also dive into their favorite new shows of 2017 including 24: LEGACY, LEGION, and RIVERDALE. They also review the latest record from Tommy Stinson and Bash & Pop.

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Pat's off getting hitched so Mike and Dan are joined by Kamil, Kailey, and Kamil, the hosts of the brand new podcast, NEVER SEEN BEFORE. The Strike Team dives into erotic thrillers (BODY HEAT and AMERICAN GIGOLO) as well as JOHN WICK and BLURRYFACE from Grammy winners 21 Pilots.

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#DoM Shooters #9 - Ballad of a Traveling Man

Pat sits down one-on-one with local wise man Rob Bakker to talk about Chicago punk rock, Freemasonry, and the occult. Recorded live on location @ Emmit's Irish Pub (495 N. Milwaukee Ave) during the ass end of 2016. Be sure to check out Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig!

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The Strike Team enjoys craft beers from Granite City while they discuss BEWARE THE SLENDER MAN, SPLIT, DEATH RACE 2050, and Sugar's COPPER BLUE.

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