Drinks On Monday with The Strike Team (general)

This week, Ashley, Dan, and Mike are joined by KV as they dive into NSYNC's 2000 "revenge record" NO STRINGS ATTACHED. They also look back on all the fast food they ate this week and discuss some of their favorite Google reviews. Along the way, they are distracted by Cinco De Mayo, the Drake/Kendrick Lamar beef, Degrassi, and prom.

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Ashley, Mike, and Pat return from 115 Bourbon Street to lay out their thoughts on Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras.

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Ashley, Dan, Mike, and Pat dive into Lit's 1999 release A PLACE IN THE SUN and Mike recounts his trip to Exxotica. Along the way, they get distracted by Bourbon Street, Rumchata, and gyros.

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It's Rex Manning day so Ashley, Mike, and Pat intend to talk about EMPIRE RECORDS but are quickly sidetracked by stories from Chicago Ridge Mall and pine on the lack of good dance clubs.

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This week, Ashley, Dan, Mike, and Pat dive into Beyonce's COWBOY CARTER while sucking on the new Gin & Juice canned cocktails from Dr. Dre and Snoop. They also take a look at the ROAD HOUSE remake, as well as ROAD HOUSE 2: LAST CALL. Along the way they get distracted by their wild weekend and wrestling.

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This week, Ashley, Dan, Kristin, and Mike have every intention of talking about the possibility of Aaron Taylor Johnson as the new James Bond but get distracted by broccoli, the many service industries, and pharmaceuticals.

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Ashley, Dan, and Mike are joined by KV as the foursome look back at Hanson's 2000 release. They also dive into BEETLEJUICE, BEETLEJUICE, AI artwork, and take the Light Beer challenge. It's another supersized episode you don't want to miss.

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The gang drinks what's left in the fridge and discusses fast food...again. 

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We're back with the Heinekin Silver as we discuss the Oscars, Katie Britt, Olivia Rodrigo's 2023 album GUTS, the 2023 teen comedy Bottoms, and suck down some adult snack packs.

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This week the gang ranks SUPERFAST by Dynamite Hack from front to back, drinks Heineken Silver and Johnny Bootlegger, and plays Americas favorite new game show, Drinks on Monday Goes To The Drive Thru. 

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Ashley, Mike, and Dan discuss their recent trips to NOLA and MKE and rank the Super Bowl Halftime Shows of the past ten years while drinking Spotted Cow.

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Mike, Pat, and Kristin kill time while they wait for Dan to show up...

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This week, Dan, Mike, and Pat are joined by Kristin Vanderbilt (no relation) and rank Better Than Ezra's DELUXE from front to back and play America's least favorite game show, YOU DON'T KNOW LYNCH.

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After a six-year hiatus, The Strike Team is back! Season Five: The Return kicks off with Dan, Pat, Ashley, and Mike dishing on their worst hangovers, the Stanley Mug and countless fads, and of course 2023's biggest movie, BARBIE.  Along the way we get sidetracked by that "go ahead now" song, an Australian kids show, and manicures. We're drinking some "Seagram's golden wine coolers" and some Keystones. It's three hours of nonsense you won't want to miss!

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Today, we’ve got one from the vaults as Mike Vanderbilt talk with Chicago power pop luminary, John Pazdan. Pazdan was one of the founders of Oak Park’s premiere power pop act Pezband in 1971. Pazdan—primarily a bass player—played around town in numerous jazz, rock, and pop outfits including Chicago favorites Off Broadway. This interview was conducted in the spring of 2016 as Mike was preparing his Chicago Reader piece From Rockford To You An Oral history of Cheap Trick’s early years. Pazdan is currently playing with Pezband along side Mimi Betinis and Mick Rain and they will be appearing at The Arcada Theater Friday August 11th along side Dwight Twilley and Zion’s own Shoes. It was a fun chat and I hope you enjoy listening.


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The Strike Team is taking the summer off in this week's finale! Dan brings along some Seagrams Wine Coolers and High Life tall boys for this week's $10 Challenge. The team also discuss their favorite beef sandwiches in Chicago, Mike's french fry addiction, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, VOL. 2, the latest from Old 97's and discuss their plans for summer vacation.

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Mike and Dan are joined by Ashley from SERVICE INDUSTRY CONFIDENTIAL and Katie from REVENGE OF THE POD PEOPLE for a super podcast team up. The foursome partake in the Dan Lynch $10 Liquor Store Challenge. South Side Eats discuss Raising Caine chicken strips, Petey's Bungalow in Oak Lawn, and Katie recounts the pizza at the Outlook Hotel in Portland. STARCRASH as featured on MST3K is also on the table, but they really don't get that deep into it.

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Mike and Dan are joined by Ashley from SERVICE INDUSTRY CONFIDENTIAL as they drink some of Mike's booze that he brought back from Costa Rica. The gang discusses Kings Of Leon's WALLS album, and the trailer for THE LAST JEDI.

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Pat and friend of the podcast Stephen Hoover (You Are What You've Seen) sit down and rap with Sharknado franchise screenwriter Thunder Levin about Star Trek, Highlander, and working with Mario Van Peebles. Thunder also gives the boys some sage like advice about the value of applying constant pressure over an extended period of time and creating your own opportunities. Recorded live @ the Music Box Theater 3.14.2017

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Mike & Pat are joined by bartender and shit-talker Carolyn as they discuss NEW JACK CITY and the Cash Me Ousside girl.

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Pat's back in the basement and he, Mike and Dan are sucking down some fine reds from Cooper's Hawk. The boys also dive into their favorite new shows of 2017 including 24: LEGACY, LEGION, and RIVERDALE. They also review the latest record from Tommy Stinson and Bash & Pop.

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Pat's off getting hitched so Mike and Dan are joined by Kamil, Kailey, and Kamil, the hosts of the brand new podcast, NEVER SEEN BEFORE. The Strike Team dives into erotic thrillers (BODY HEAT and AMERICAN GIGOLO) as well as JOHN WICK and BLURRYFACE from Grammy winners 21 Pilots.

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#DoM Shooters #9 - Ballad of a Traveling Man

Pat sits down one-on-one with local wise man Rob Bakker to talk about Chicago punk rock, Freemasonry, and the occult. Recorded live on location @ Emmit's Irish Pub (495 N. Milwaukee Ave) during the ass end of 2016. Be sure to check out Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig!

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The Strike Team enjoys craft beers from Granite City while they discuss BEWARE THE SLENDER MAN, SPLIT, DEATH RACE 2050, and Sugar's COPPER BLUE.

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The Strike Team enjoy Hard Luck IPA from Blue Island Beer, Co., discuss the 1984 cult classic REPO MAN, Blink-182's CALIFORNIA, and play Describe A Movie Horribly.

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Dan, Pat, and Mike discuss their favorite films of 2016.

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We wrap things up with the final episode of The Empire Strikes Back, Chapter X: The Clash Of Lightsabers

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Drinks On Monday Presents The Empire Strikes Back, Chapter IX: Gambler's Choice

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It's a freewheelin' show as The Strike Team are joined by friends of the show to discuss WEREWOLF: THE SERIES, RUNNING SCARED and play JAGOFF/NO JAGOFF and FUCK MARRY KILL.

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Pat sits this one out as Mike, Dan, and Kristy discuss THE PURGE series and Green Day's REVOLUTION RADIO. The Strike Team also dives into the 2016 election as well as the Chicago Cubs and their World Series victory.

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The Strike Team is back again. This time they're in Mike's new kitchen and trying to get rid of some left over booze with a concoction they call Blue Island Iced Tea. The guys discuss Fantastic Fest and pussy grabbin'. Featuring music from Butch Walker.

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More nonsense from FANTASTIC FEST as Mike Vanderbilt and a cadre of jagoffs talk about their favorite (and less than favorites) films from the week. Very DoM; everyone's drunk, screaming over each other, and the episode is almost two hours long.

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Mike is down in Austin, Texas this week covering 2016's FANTASTIC FEST for Daily Grindhouse. FANTASTIC FEST is the world's largest genre film festival and an all around good time. In this Shooter, Mike is joined by fellow writers and festival attendees to discuss the world premiere of PHANTASM RAVAGER as well as their favorite films of the festival

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Dan sits this one out as Mike & Pat look back at the past four years of participating in the Chicago 48 Hour Film Project as well as delve into the making of this years film, the rock 'n' roll horror musical BLOODSPRAY!

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The Strike Team is back again for the first time! Dan, Mike, and Pat tell us how they spent their summer vacations, their favorite movies of the summer, and how much they hated TERMINATOR: GENISYS.

On the cocktail menu is a little '90s nostalgia as the boys suck down Crystal Pepsi with an assortment of terrible vodkas that Dan just want out of his house.

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Now available for the first time on iTunes! The very first episode of Drinks On Monday!

We've come a long way since August 4th, 2014...but really, its pretty much the same show. The guys drink too much Chivas Regal and discuss GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and some of their favorite summer releases. Just three strokes in a kitchen with shitty microphones.

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The Strike Team plays airplane bottle roulette while talking about their plans for the show, gun control, Material Issue, and O.J. Simpson. 

The Strike Team WILL return in August in "One More Drink For The Driver."

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The Strike Team are joined by friends of the show Amy and Carrie (a Second City alum) to discuss the going on dates in Andersonville, the south side versus the north side, and how contacting new friends online has changed in the past fifteen years.

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The kitchen is a little less crowded without Dan this week, but Mike and Pat's egos more than fill some space. The two long-time friends run a gamut of issues and offer their hot takes on the HALLOWEEN reboot, CIVL WAR, Nazi Captain America, HUSH, ShudderLabs, and their favorite subjects...themselves!

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The Strike Team gets back to their roots when the trio of Dan, Pat, and Mike settle in around the kitchen table to compare and contrast moonshine from Orland Park, Illinois and Ft. Wayne, Indiana. The guys also delve into the works of Burt Reynolds.

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This week on the Drinks On Monday Interview Mike chats with Chicago musician Jay Goepnner. Jay gained notoriety in the ‘80s around Chicago playing with Phil Angotti as the Beatle Brothers, Jay also fronted the   John Lennon tribute Instant Karma, The New Invaders, and most recently can be seen out and about Chicagoland playing with Backdated. Jay and Phil will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Beatle Brothers Saturday May 14th at Fitzgerald’s in beautiful downtown Berwyn.

Jay shares stories of seeing Cheap Trick for the first time at Chicagofest and then eventually singing with them when they were doing their Sgt. Pepper shows in Las Vegas. Jay also talks about his Beatlemobile that ALMOST appeared on LOST IN TRANSMISSION, playing with his new classic rock cover band,  Backdated, hanging with Graham Nash at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, and it being Drinks On Monday, the subject of what high schools he and Mike attended.

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Chicago filmmaker Jim Sikora stops by the kitchen to sample anarray of scotches with The Strike Team, from Cutty Sark to JohnnieWalker Platinum and everything in between.

Sikora has been around the Chicago scene for sometime havingdirected music videos for Tar, members of Husker Dü, and PurpleApple. In the '80s and '90s, Jim wrote, directed, and edited twofeature lengths (WALLS IN THE CITY & BULLET ON A WIRE)featuring David Yow of Jesus Lizard as well as plenty of Chicagobarrooms familiar to The Strike Team including Liar's Club andPhylis's Musical Inn.

The guys drink heavily and compare filmmaking notes, discuss howWicker Park has changed, and how dropping out of Columbia Collegechanged all of their lives for the better. It's a supersizedepisode this week, so sit back and enjoy!

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Pat talks with Chicago writer turned NYC transplant Jason Diamond about growing up punk rock in the 90s and all things Fireside Bowl. Jason's work as appeared in the Men's Journal, Vice, The New York Observer, The Atlantic and the Chicago Tribune. His memoir "Searching for John Hughes" will be released by Harper Collins later this year. Jason likes the Blue Meanies more than Pat does, but otherwise he's a pretty cool dude.

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Burlesque performer Shirley Blazen of Vaudezilla stops by the kitchen to talk about filmmaking, stand-up comedy, and her 4/20 show at Stage 773. Meanwhile, Ashley mixes up Sloe Gin Fizz's while Mike and Pat offer their thoughts on BASKIN and THE INVITATION.

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A little something new from Drinks On Monday, a new one on one interview segment. Today, Mike talks with David Bash, the founder of the International Pop Overthrow Festival which stops in Chicago this week and will run from April 14th to April 23rd. Mike's band, The Romeros, will be closing the festival out as they've been doing for the past few years. Mike and Dave chat about the beginnings of the festival in Los Angeles as well as some of the other cities that the IPO stops off in.

The two pop fans also talk about Cheao Trick, the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, Mike Love and David Bash's other project, the Power Pop Hall Of Fame.

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This week's episode features The Strike Team sucking down a case of Special Export with members of Mike's band, The Romeros. Alex, Stephanie, and Andy sit in and discuss the ROUGE ONE teaser trailer, deleted scenes from THE FORCE AWAKENS as well as offering their takes on the new Cheap Trick record, BANG, ZOOM, CRAZY...HELLO.

From there, Mike and Pat reminisce about the early days when they were first starting out in The Romeros.

The Romeros will be playing this year's International Pop Overthrow Festival on Saturday night, April 23rd.

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This week on Drinks On Monday, Mark and and Jeffery of These Old Men They Play Records stop by the kitchen to partake in some taste testing.

Mark paired up craft beers from some of his favorite Illinois-based breweries with some classic Girl Scout cookies from Thin Mints to Trefoils.

The guys share with Dan and Mike about how their DJing gig got started with the help of The Rock Island Public House and also share their thoughts on Record Store Day, local favorite Beverly Records, and "vinyls."

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It's an election year and The Strike Team are never ones to stray away from pairing sex, religion, drinks and politics.

On this week's episode, the Ashleys sit in. Team bartender, Ashley Kawasauce mixes up Moscow Mules and Pink Elephants using vodka from the Copper Still CD Distillery. Along the way, Pat regales the team with a tale of ordering food from The Sea Captain.

The boys and girls also dive into the presidential primaries, discussing polices, favorite candidates, and how good looking Gavin Newsom is. Think of it as a drunker McLaughlin Group.

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Dan is back in the fold for this week's super-sized episode! This week, the boys discuss their Valentine's Day weekends and the geeky gatekeeping surrounding the release of DEADPOOL. The guys touch on which R-rated movies that they saw at the show when they were way too young.

On the menu this week are craft beers supplied by the Blue Island Beer Co. including their collaborations with Underground Communique Records and The Rock Island Public House.

The Strike Team also discuss THE X-FILES reboot as well as some of their favorite episodes as well as KOLCHACK: THE NIGHT STALKER, Chris Carter's inspiration for his '90s take on conspiracies and the paranormal. The guys also discuss some of their favorite conspiracy theories ranging from the Kennedy assassination to the "cold envelope" theory that changed the NBA. On the paranormal end, a caller east of the Rockies chimes in with an out of body experience.

Bust out your tin-foil hat, and listen at your own risk. The truth is in the kitchen.

Featuring music from Mark Snow, Mike Donnelly, Icicle Works, Swag, and Ke$ha.

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Enjoying El Rey's RIP YOUR HEART OUT MARATHON? Take a trip back to the halcyon days of 2014. It's the early days of Drinks On Monday: the fomat is not quite there, the music is different, the audio quality is worse. The guys suck down Jameson and Chicago's very own, fully krausened, Old Style. The Strike Team discusses Nicolas Cage in LEFT BEHIND, post-season baseball, and the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET series. There is also a brief digression into the aborted "Win A Date With Mike Vanderbilt" contest.

Direct download: Drinks_On_Monday_with_The_Strike_Team_Episode_5_Season_1.mp3
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Dan sits this week's episode out, but Ashley II and Niall Glass film in for him. The Strike Team is joined by Chicago Pro-Domme, Ms. Mara Mayhem in the kitchen. Prosecco is on the menu and Ashley II mixes up a few (Paul) Bellini's as the gang delves into Ms. Mayhem's college years, her time working in the sex industry and they even phone a friend.

Direct download: My_Sleazy_Valentine.m4a
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The Strike Team sits down to talk with Katie Rife of The A.V. Club, Mr. Skin, Everything Is Terrible and The Jerry Springer Show in this super sized edition of Drinks On Monday!

Katie is an Ohio native and brings with her some local beers from Rhingeist Brewing and Madtree Brewing. She also cooks up some Coney Dogs (with Skyline chili) as she regales the boys with tales from the front.

It's the Kentucky bourbon that sends the show off the rails for the last hour as Mike, Pat, and Katie talk about how awesome they are while enjoying Bulliet Bourbon. Thanks, Jon Taffer.

Direct download: DOM01182016.m4a
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The Strike Team along with house bartender, Ashley K, dissect the most recent break up brought to us by Bigshot.

Direct download: Pats_Breakup.m4a
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The Strike Team along with house bartender Ashley discuss the upcoming year, movies they saw (yes, more FORCE AWAKENS talk) and tries to figure out what constitutes a dive bar.

Direct download: January_4_2016.m4a
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On this year's season finale, The Strike Team reveals their Christmas shopping secrets while discussing THE FORCE AWAKENS as well as their favorite movies of the year. Peppermint Schnapps from the Jewels and black coffee is on the menu.

Direct download: Schnaaps__Coffee.m4a
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SPOILERS ABOUND! The Strike Team and friends discuss THE FORCE AWAKENS in glorious THX sound!

Direct download: Force_Awakens.m4a
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The electrifying conclusion! The Battle Of Yavin!

Direct download: Star_Wars_13.m4a
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Our heroes arrive on Yavin IV and plan an attack on the Death Star...

Direct download: Star_Wars_12.m4a
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Chapter XI: The Jedi Nexus

Our heroes attempt to escape the Death Star while Ben Kenobi meets his fate...

Direct download: dom_star_wars_11.m4a
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Chapter X: The Luke Skywalker Initiative

Luke, Han, and Chewie stage a daring rescue of Princess Leia and wind up in a trash compactor...

Direct download: Star_Wars_10.m4a
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Luke Skywalker begins training in the ways of the Jedi on the way to Alderaan...

Direct download: Star_Wars_Episode_9.m4a
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Chapter VIII: Death Star's Transit

While the Moffs bicker in the conference room, Darth Vader tortures Princess Leia using an interrogation droid in an attempt to find out where she has hidden the Death Star plans.

Direct download: Star_Wars_Episode_8.m4a
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Chapter VII: The Han Solo Solution

Luke sells his speeder, Han negotiates with Heater, and the Millennium Falcon blasts it's way out of Mos Eisley...

Direct download: Star_Wars_Episode_7.m4a
Category:general -- posted at: 7:00am CDT

Luke, Ben, and the droids make their way to Mos Eisley Cantina where they encounter danger...and Han Solo and Chewbacca.

Direct download: Star_Wars_Episode_6.m4a
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Chapter V: Luke Skywalker is rescued from the Tusken Raiders by Obi-Wan Kenobi...

Direct download: Star_Wars_Episode_5.m4a
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Direct download: Star_Wars_Episode_4.m4a
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The Drinks On Monday Community Theatre presents the National Public Radio Dramatization of STAR WARS.

Episode III: Black Knight White Princess, And Pawns

Princess Leia and Captain Antilles make an attempt to intercept the Death Star plans with the help of the droids...

Direct download: Star_Wars_Episode_3.m4a
Category:general -- posted at: 8:00am CDT

Princess Leia is called to action...

Direct download: Star_Wars_Episode_2.m4a
Category:general -- posted at: 9:33am CDT

The Drinks On Monday Community Theatre presents the National Public Radio Dramatization of Star Wars.

Direct download: DoM_Star_Wars_Episode_1.m4a
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The holidays are upon us and Mike is kicking off the season with his annual Black Wednesday party. Fueled by peppermint schnapps, the boys along with assorted guests dish on a variety of topics. Andrew Vanderbilt of the Ink n Paint Club stops by to talk about anime, Katie from Revenge Of The Pod People argues with Pat about The Human Centipede, and Mike and Dan discuss Creed. There's plenty more to be heard in this two-hour special. Spend your Black Friday flashing back to Black Wednesday.

Direct download: DoM_Black_Friday_2.m4a
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The Strike Team suck down Blue Raspberry vodka as they recount the recording of the upcoming Drinks On Monday Presents Star Wars radio play. The guys also discuss the new Starz series ASH VS. EVIL DEAD as well as the works of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell. 

Direct download: DoM-Evil_Dead_Special.m4a
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Mike & Dan with guest host and bartender, Ashley K attempt to talk about their favorite James Bond movies and music, but really just end up drinking a lot of gin. Other topics of discussion are Halloween, Nip/Tuck, and the Chicago Cubs.

Direct download: DoM-Bond.m4a
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The Strike Team drink Old Style, Octoberfest, and discuss the Chicago Cubs, and Ryan Adams v Taylor Swift.

Direct download: Old_Style.m4a
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The boys suck down watermelon flavored beers and discuss Alsip and how much they hate the new Keegans.

Direct download: First_Amendment_Hell_Or_High_Watermelon.m4a
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Dan, Mike, and Pat discuss the 48 Hour Film Project, take down a 30-pack of Rolling Rock cans, and reflect on wedding season. Mike is also confronted about the use of the term "broad."

Direct download: DoM-Rolling_Rock.m4a
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The Strike Team enjoys "the clean wash" of Pennsylvania's own Yuengling; the show is almost three hours long and I'm really not sure what's discussed. I think there is a frank discussion of cold sores in there somewhere.

Direct download: DoM-Yuengling_Traditional_Lager.m4a
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The Strike Team and guests discuss what movies you first found titilating.

Direct download: DoM_Shooters_3.m4a
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The Strike Team Community Theatre offers up their summer stock performace of Reginald Rose's drama, originally broadcast as a television play in 1954. The boys and a lot girls perform the play and Dan offers a post-mortem on how he came up with the idea.

Direct download: 12_Angry_Men.m4a
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 A sauced up Stike Team talk about the movie KIDS, Showtime's SHAMELESS, and share some of their favorite Top 40 hits.

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The Strike Team attempt to plow through new Bud Light Mixxtails (Hurricane, Long Island, and Firewalker flavors) while discussing summer festivals and parades as well as William Friedkin's controversial CRUISING.

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#DoM Shooters: Here's a little something new for the fans. Drinks On Monday will now be featuring nuggets to tide listeners over in those long weeks before episodes. In this short clip, #TheStrikeTeam discusses sex, calculus, and who broke all of Mike's furniture.

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The Strike Team along with guest bartender Shady Lane knock back some Spotted Cow (all the way from Wisconsin) and Jack Daniel's Honey Whiskey. They also disect JURASSIC WORLD, talk about how they're going to spend their summer vacations, discuss karaoke, and Mike reads passages from the new FIFTY SHADES OF GREY spinoff, GREY. New music from Rhett Miller is featured as well as Billy Squier, Benjamin Orr, and Billy Brag & Wilco.

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The Strike Team invites special guest bartender, Ashley from Bullhead Cantina to attempt to make Jeppson's Malort drinkable. The gang also discusses '90s nostalgia. Featured music of of the Pravda release, "20 Explosive Dynamic Super Smash Hit Explosions" which features Chicago alternarock bands from the '90s covering '70s AM po tunes. Smashing Pumpkins cover "Jackie Blue" and The Slugs do "Hooked On A Feeling."

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The Strike Team runs out of options and drinks vermouth, both sweet and dry. They also discuss the MAD MEN finale as well as other other favorite climaxes to their favorite shows. The Riot Fest move controversy is also touched on.

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The Strike Team drink leftover beers from Dan's party and dish out their thoughts on AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON & the internet trend of Catfishing.

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The boys celebrate Cinco De Mayo by sampling flavors of the south. For all the talk about power pop music and THE FORCE AWAKENS, the passion only comes to a head when the subject of breakfast foods comes up.

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The guys attempt to eat a Crave Case of White Castles each while chugging Busch Light out of the can and reminiscing about the old apartment.

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The Drinks On Monday Community Theatre performs the War Of The Worlds radio play in the style of Orson Welles. Happy April Fool's Day!

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The Strike Team and a rouge's gallery of guest stars (including Mike's dad in a breakout performence) broadcast from the Vanderbilt family front stoop for Beverly's South Side Irish Parade.

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The boys along with guest co-host, the A.V. Club's Kate Rife discuss the phenomenon of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. Their thoughts may surprise you...

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The boys and special guest Kristin Vanderbilt drink leftover beers and dissect nostalgia and why our generation cradles it like a baby.

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The boys take down a case of Small Town Brewery's Not Your Father's Root Beer and discuss 2014's THE GUEST; Dan also makes a round of Fireballs.

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