Drinks On Monday with The Strike Team

Today, we’ve got one from the vaults as Mike Vanderbilt talk with Chicago power pop luminary, John Pazdan. Pazdan was one of the founders of Oak Park’s premiere power pop act Pezband in 1971. Pazdan—primarily a bass player—played around town in numerous jazz, rock, and pop outfits including Chicago favorites Off Broadway. This interview was conducted in the spring of 2016 as Mike was preparing his Chicago Reader piece From Rockford To You An Oral history of Cheap Trick’s early years. Pazdan is currently playing with Pezband along side Mimi Betinis and Mick Rain and they will be appearing at The Arcada Theater Friday August 11th along side Dwight Twilley and Zion’s own Shoes. It was a fun chat and I hope you enjoy listening.


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The Strike Team is taking the summer off in this week's finale! Dan brings along some Seagrams Wine Coolers and High Life tall boys for this week's $10 Challenge. The team also discuss their favorite beef sandwiches in Chicago, Mike's french fry addiction, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, VOL. 2, the latest from Old 97's and discuss their plans for summer vacation.

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Mike and Dan are joined by Ashley from SERVICE INDUSTRY CONFIDENTIAL and Katie from REVENGE OF THE POD PEOPLE for a super podcast team up. The foursome partake in the Dan Lynch $10 Liquor Store Challenge. South Side Eats discuss Raising Caine chicken strips, Petey's Bungalow in Oak Lawn, and Katie recounts the pizza at the Outlook Hotel in Portland. STARCRASH as featured on MST3K is also on the table, but they really don't get that deep into it.

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Mike and Dan are joined by Ashley from SERVICE INDUSTRY CONFIDENTIAL as they drink some of Mike's booze that he brought back from Costa Rica. The gang discusses Kings Of Leon's WALLS album, and the trailer for THE LAST JEDI.

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Pat and friend of the podcast Stephen Hoover (You Are What You've Seen) sit down and rap with Sharknado franchise screenwriter Thunder Levin about Star Trek, Highlander, and working with Mario Van Peebles. Thunder also gives the boys some sage like advice about the value of applying constant pressure over an extended period of time and creating your own opportunities. Recorded live @ the Music Box Theater 3.14.2017

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Mike & Pat are joined by bartender and shit-talker Carolyn as they discuss NEW JACK CITY and the Cash Me Ousside girl.

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Pat's back in the basement and he, Mike and Dan are sucking down some fine reds from Cooper's Hawk. The boys also dive into their favorite new shows of 2017 including 24: LEGACY, LEGION, and RIVERDALE. They also review the latest record from Tommy Stinson and Bash & Pop.

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Pat's off getting hitched so Mike and Dan are joined by Kamil, Kailey, and Kamil, the hosts of the brand new podcast, NEVER SEEN BEFORE. The Strike Team dives into erotic thrillers (BODY HEAT and AMERICAN GIGOLO) as well as JOHN WICK and BLURRYFACE from Grammy winners 21 Pilots.

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#DoM Shooters #9 - Ballad of a Traveling Man

Pat sits down one-on-one with local wise man Rob Bakker to talk about Chicago punk rock, Freemasonry, and the occult. Recorded live on location @ Emmit's Irish Pub (495 N. Milwaukee Ave) during the ass end of 2016. Be sure to check out Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig!

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The Strike Team enjoys craft beers from Granite City while they discuss BEWARE THE SLENDER MAN, SPLIT, DEATH RACE 2050, and Sugar's COPPER BLUE.

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The Strike Team enjoy Hard Luck IPA from Blue Island Beer, Co., discuss the 1984 cult classic REPO MAN, Blink-182's CALIFORNIA, and play Describe A Movie Horribly.

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