Drinks On Monday with The Strike Team

On this year's season finale, The Strike Team reveals their Christmas shopping secrets while discussing THE FORCE AWAKENS as well as their favorite movies of the year. Peppermint Schnapps from the Jewels and black coffee is on the menu.

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SPOILERS ABOUND! The Strike Team and friends discuss THE FORCE AWAKENS in glorious THX sound!

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The electrifying conclusion! The Battle Of Yavin!

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Our heroes arrive on Yavin IV and plan an attack on the Death Star...

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Chapter XI: The Jedi Nexus

Our heroes attempt to escape the Death Star while Ben Kenobi meets his fate...

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Chapter X: The Luke Skywalker Initiative

Luke, Han, and Chewie stage a daring rescue of Princess Leia and wind up in a trash compactor...

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Luke Skywalker begins training in the ways of the Jedi on the way to Alderaan...

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Chapter VIII: Death Star's Transit

While the Moffs bicker in the conference room, Darth Vader tortures Princess Leia using an interrogation droid in an attempt to find out where she has hidden the Death Star plans.

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Chapter VII: The Han Solo Solution

Luke sells his speeder, Han negotiates with Heater, and the Millennium Falcon blasts it's way out of Mos Eisley...

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Luke, Ben, and the droids make their way to Mos Eisley Cantina where they encounter danger...and Han Solo and Chewbacca.

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Chapter V: Luke Skywalker is rescued from the Tusken Raiders by Obi-Wan Kenobi...

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The Drinks On Monday Community Theatre presents the National Public Radio Dramatization of STAR WARS.

Episode III: Black Knight White Princess, And Pawns

Princess Leia and Captain Antilles make an attempt to intercept the Death Star plans with the help of the droids...

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Princess Leia is called to action...

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The Drinks On Monday Community Theatre presents the National Public Radio Dramatization of Star Wars.

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The holidays are upon us and Mike is kicking off the season with his annual Black Wednesday party. Fueled by peppermint schnapps, the boys along with assorted guests dish on a variety of topics. Andrew Vanderbilt of the Ink n Paint Club stops by to talk about anime, Katie from Revenge Of The Pod People argues with Pat about The Human Centipede, and Mike and Dan discuss Creed. There's plenty more to be heard in this two-hour special. Spend your Black Friday flashing back to Black Wednesday.

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The Strike Team suck down Blue Raspberry vodka as they recount the recording of the upcoming Drinks On Monday Presents Star Wars radio play. The guys also discuss the new Starz series ASH VS. EVIL DEAD as well as the works of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell. 

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Mike & Dan with guest host and bartender, Ashley K attempt to talk about their favorite James Bond movies and music, but really just end up drinking a lot of gin. Other topics of discussion are Halloween, Nip/Tuck, and the Chicago Cubs.

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The Strike Team drink Old Style, Octoberfest, and discuss the Chicago Cubs, and Ryan Adams v Taylor Swift.

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The boys suck down watermelon flavored beers and discuss Alsip and how much they hate the new Keegans.

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The Strike Team have a new mixing board! Hoping to make the show a little more professional, the boys make use of the board but really only play with the mute button. Anything offensive they say, it was the Sailor Jerry talking. There is a brief attempt to talk about going back to school...


Featuring the music of Dave Edmunds, Jude Cole, The MC5, and The Nice Boys.

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The Strike Team go shot for shot while chasing Jameson Irish Whiskey (Catholic) with Old Style (Chicago). Then they delve the Nightmare On Elm Street series discussing the Freddy Krueger phenomenon. 

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Dan, Mike, and Pat discuss the 48 Hour Film Project, take down a 30-pack of Rolling Rock cans, and reflect on wedding season. Mike is also confronted about the use of the term "broad."

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The Strike Team enjoys "the clean wash" of Pennsylvania's own Yuengling; the show is almost three hours long and I'm really not sure what's discussed. I think there is a frank discussion of cold sores in there somewhere.

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The Strike Team and guests discuss what movies you first found titilating.

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The Strike Team Community Theatre offers up their summer stock performace of Reginald Rose's drama, originally broadcast as a television play in 1954. The boys and a lot girls perform the play and Dan offers a post-mortem on how he came up with the idea.

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 A sauced up Stike Team talk about the movie KIDS, Showtime's SHAMELESS, and share some of their favorite Top 40 hits.

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The Strike Team attempt to plow through new Bud Light Mixxtails (Hurricane, Long Island, and Firewalker flavors) while discussing summer festivals and parades as well as William Friedkin's controversial CRUISING.

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#DoM Shooters: Here's a little something new for the fans. Drinks On Monday will now be featuring nuggets to tide listeners over in those long weeks before episodes. In this short clip, #TheStrikeTeam discusses sex, calculus, and who broke all of Mike's furniture.

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The Strike Team along with guest bartender Shady Lane knock back some Spotted Cow (all the way from Wisconsin) and Jack Daniel's Honey Whiskey. They also disect JURASSIC WORLD, talk about how they're going to spend their summer vacations, discuss karaoke, and Mike reads passages from the new FIFTY SHADES OF GREY spinoff, GREY. New music from Rhett Miller is featured as well as Billy Squier, Benjamin Orr, and Billy Brag & Wilco.

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The Strike Team invites special guest bartender, Ashley from Bullhead Cantina to attempt to make Jeppson's Malort drinkable. The gang also discusses '90s nostalgia. Featured music of of the Pravda release, "20 Explosive Dynamic Super Smash Hit Explosions" which features Chicago alternarock bands from the '90s covering '70s AM po tunes. Smashing Pumpkins cover "Jackie Blue" and The Slugs do "Hooked On A Feeling."

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The Strike Team runs out of options and drinks vermouth, both sweet and dry. They also discuss the MAD MEN finale as well as other other favorite climaxes to their favorite shows. The Riot Fest move controversy is also touched on.

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The Strike Team drink leftover beers from Dan's party and dish out their thoughts on AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON & the internet trend of Catfishing.

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The boys celebrate Cinco De Mayo by sampling flavors of the south. For all the talk about power pop music and THE FORCE AWAKENS, the passion only comes to a head when the subject of breakfast foods comes up.

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The guys attempt to eat a Crave Case of White Castles each while chugging Busch Light out of the can and reminiscing about the old apartment.

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The Strike Team toss back Irish Car Bombs and dole out Netflix reccomendations. Later in the show, the boys let you know how to get deleted off of social media.

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The Drinks On Monday Community Theatre performs the War Of The Worlds radio play in the style of Orson Welles. Happy April Fool's Day!

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The Strike Team and a rouge's gallery of guest stars (including Mike's dad in a breakout performence) broadcast from the Vanderbilt family front stoop for Beverly's South Side Irish Parade.

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The boys along with guest co-host, the A.V. Club's Kate Rife discuss the phenomenon of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. Their thoughts may surprise you...

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The boys and special guest Kristin Vanderbilt drink leftover beers and dissect nostalgia and why our generation cradles it like a baby.

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The boys take down a case of Small Town Brewery's Not Your Father's Root Beer and discuss 2014's THE GUEST; Dan also makes a round of Fireballs.

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The boys are back in town! On the second season premiere The Strike Team discuss fitness, New Years Resolutions, gin stories, the future of the podcast and sex swings.

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