Drinks On Monday with The Strike Team
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It's a freewheelin' show as The Strike Team are joined by friends of the show to discuss WEREWOLF: THE SERIES, RUNNING SCARED and play JAGOFF/NO JAGOFF and FUCK MARRY KILL.

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Pat sits this one out as Mike, Dan, and Kristy discuss THE PURGE series and Green Day's REVOLUTION RADIO. The Strike Team also dives into the 2016 election as well as the Chicago Cubs and their World Series victory.

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The Strike Team discuss the films CONTRACTED, THE EXORCISM OF MOLLY HARTLEY, and WE ARE STILL HERE. In the music section, Cheap Trick's ALL SHOOK UP and Lady Gaga's JOANNE are in the queue.




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The Strike Team is back again. This time they're in Mike's new kitchen and trying to get rid of some left over booze with a concoction they call Blue Island Iced Tea. The guys discuss Fantastic Fest and pussy grabbin'. Featuring music from Butch Walker.

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Without adult supervision on hand Pat goes full Art Bell again and sits down to talk with local archeologist/barfly Erin "Jones" (not her actual last name because she IS an actual archeologist) about the fossil record, Great Flood myths, the evolution of mankind, and how the heck old is civilization anyways? Jameson Caskmates: Stout Edition is imbibed.

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More nonsense from FANTASTIC FEST as Mike Vanderbilt and a cadre of jagoffs talk about their favorite (and less than favorites) films from the week. Very DoM; everyone's drunk, screaming over each other, and the episode is almost two hours long.

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Mike is down in Austin, Texas this week covering 2016's FANTASTIC FEST for Daily Grindhouse. FANTASTIC FEST is the world's largest genre film festival and an all around good time. In this Shooter, Mike is joined by fellow writers and festival attendees to discuss the world premiere of PHANTASM RAVAGER as well as their favorite films of the festival

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Dan sits this one out as Mike & Pat look back at the past four years of participating in the Chicago 48 Hour Film Project as well as delve into the making of this years film, the rock 'n' roll horror musical BLOODSPRAY!

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The Strike Team is back again for the first time! Dan, Mike, and Pat tell us how they spent their summer vacations, their favorite movies of the summer, and how much they hated TERMINATOR: GENISYS.

On the cocktail menu is a little '90s nostalgia as the boys suck down Crystal Pepsi with an assortment of terrible vodkas that Dan just want out of his house.

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