Drinks On Monday with The Strike Team

The Strike Team along with house bartender, Ashley K, dissect the most recent break up brought to us by Bigshot.

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The Strike Team along with house bartender Ashley discuss the upcoming year, movies they saw (yes, more FORCE AWAKENS talk) and tries to figure out what constitutes a dive bar.

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On this year's season finale, The Strike Team reveals their Christmas shopping secrets while discussing THE FORCE AWAKENS as well as their favorite movies of the year. Peppermint Schnapps from the Jewels and black coffee is on the menu.

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SPOILERS ABOUND! The Strike Team and friends discuss THE FORCE AWAKENS in glorious THX sound!

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The electrifying conclusion! The Battle Of Yavin!

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Our heroes arrive on Yavin IV and plan an attack on the Death Star...

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Chapter XI: The Jedi Nexus

Our heroes attempt to escape the Death Star while Ben Kenobi meets his fate...

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Chapter X: The Luke Skywalker Initiative

Luke, Han, and Chewie stage a daring rescue of Princess Leia and wind up in a trash compactor...

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Luke Skywalker begins training in the ways of the Jedi on the way to Alderaan...

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Chapter VIII: Death Star's Transit

While the Moffs bicker in the conference room, Darth Vader tortures Princess Leia using an interrogation droid in an attempt to find out where she has hidden the Death Star plans.

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