Drinks On Monday with The Strike Team (general)

Princess Leia is called to action...

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The Drinks On Monday Community Theatre presents the National Public Radio Dramatization of Star Wars.

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The holidays are upon us and Mike is kicking off the season with his annual Black Wednesday party. Fueled by peppermint schnapps, the boys along with assorted guests dish on a variety of topics. Andrew Vanderbilt of the Ink n Paint Club stops by to talk about anime, Katie from Revenge Of The Pod People argues with Pat about The Human Centipede, and Mike and Dan discuss Creed. There's plenty more to be heard in this two-hour special. Spend your Black Friday flashing back to Black Wednesday.

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The Strike Team suck down Blue Raspberry vodka as they recount the recording of the upcoming Drinks On Monday Presents Star Wars radio play. The guys also discuss the new Starz series ASH VS. EVIL DEAD as well as the works of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell. 

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Mike & Dan with guest host and bartender, Ashley K attempt to talk about their favorite James Bond movies and music, but really just end up drinking a lot of gin. Other topics of discussion are Halloween, Nip/Tuck, and the Chicago Cubs.

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The Strike Team drink Old Style, Octoberfest, and discuss the Chicago Cubs, and Ryan Adams v Taylor Swift.

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The boys suck down watermelon flavored beers and discuss Alsip and how much they hate the new Keegans.

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Dan, Mike, and Pat discuss the 48 Hour Film Project, take down a 30-pack of Rolling Rock cans, and reflect on wedding season. Mike is also confronted about the use of the term "broad."

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The Strike Team enjoys "the clean wash" of Pennsylvania's own Yuengling; the show is almost three hours long and I'm really not sure what's discussed. I think there is a frank discussion of cold sores in there somewhere.

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The Strike Team and guests discuss what movies you first found titilating.

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